Best way to learn a language including tips and tricks.


No Progress With Duolingo? Here’s What the Owl Gets Wrong

Fluent Forever Released to App Stores!

Reflecting on My Three Month Challenge to Learn Spanish

The Leitner Game Schedule

The Fluent Forever Difference & Why We Made a Language App

Why Learn Korean This Year

Using SRS to Boot Your Brain for Language Learning

How to Learn Accents and Why Accent Training Matters

Fluent Forever Tutoring: How Does it Work?

Fluent Forever Audiobook Resources and Guide

Surviving the Language Learning Plateau

Announcing the Fluent Forever Knowledge Base

A Guide to Language Learning With an italki Teacher

Changes to the Fluent Forever Book

Romance and Language Learning: Learning for Love

Audio Only Flashcards: Is It Safe Studying and Driving?

Why Monolingual Flashcards?

A Toolkit on How to Learn Verb Conjugations

Announcing the Fluent Forever Learn With Tutors Tool Beta

3 Flashcard Types to Speed Up Flashcard Creation

Why Is Grammar Important?

A Revised Plan on How to Learn Japanese or Chinese

Learn Finnish

Learn Languages Fast: Free Resources

The Chinese Radical Decks

Persian 625 Word List!

Bosnian 625 Word List!

On Hacking Fluent Forever

Kanji Signatures and the New(er) Japanese Model Deck

Japanese Tutorial 4: The Revised Japanese Model Deck

Japanese Tutorial 3: Add-ons for Japanese Pronunciation

Japanese Tutorial 2: A Stroke Order Add-on

Japanese Tutorial 1: How to Type in Japanese on a Mac

The Japanese Radical Deck

Preposition Images for Fluent Forever Word List

Images for the Days of the Entire Week

Fluent Forever Book Changes

Book Resources and a Scientific American Mind Article

Japanese and Chinese Logograms

Immersion Programs to Learn Languages

Fluent Forever Book: Chapter 3

Using Anki Online: Chapter 2

Word Order Flashcards

Spelling/Sound Flashcards

Simple Word Flashcards

New Word Form Flashcards

New Word Flashcards

Fluent Forever Book: The Gallery

Ear Training Flashcards

Alternate Image Search Engines for Flashcards

Setting up Google Images for Language Learning

Guide to Tongue Twisters and Hard to Pronounce Words

The Key to Learning Pronunciation

Fluent Forever Book: Appendix 5

Pictures of Pronouns and How to Learn Them

Guest Post: How to Memorize Text as a Singer

On the Tagalog/Filipino Language

Learn Tagalog

Is There A More Efficient Way to Learn Vocabulary?

How to Remember Words in Any Language

How to Bring Back A Forgotten Language Video

My Languages and Language Progression

Language Exchanges, the Science of Friendship & More

How to Search Multiple Websites Fast for Word Research

Hungarian Book Reviews and Resources

Learn Hungarian

Learn Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrew Book Reviews and Resources

Learn Portuguese

How to Learn French Pronunciation (Video Transcript)

How to Learn English Pronunciation 3 (Video Transcript)

How to Learn English Pronunciation

Learn any Language

Learn Thai

Learn Russian

Learn Korean

Learn Japanese

Learn Italian

Learn Spanish

Learn German

Learn French

Learn Chinese

The Most Awesome Word List You Have Ever Seen

The English IPA Video

French Pronunciation Video

English Pronunciation Video 3

English Pronunciation Video 2

English Pronunciation Video 1

Installing Downloaded Decks to Learn Languages

Anki Dropbox Tutorial

Learn English

Learn Arabic

Vocabulary Goal Setting and How to Select Word Size

What Is Spaced Repetition and the Benefits

Fluent Forever Video Resources

How to Learn Pronunciation in a Foreign Language

No Translation Language Learning

Translated Google Image Links for Language Learning

Learn Grammar and Abstract Words Without Translation

How to Use iMacros to Automate Your Word Research

Foreign Language Dictionary Reviews

How to Learn a Language’s Sound System with Anki

Hungarian Pronunciation and Concrete Vocabulary

My Next Language Project: Learn Hungarian

The Difficult German Sounds for English speakers

“A Seven Minute Language Quiz for *non*-German Speakers “

How to Learn German Grammar

Some Thoughts on My Learn Russian Journey

Words in Context: Google Images & Google Translate

Learning Abstract Words & Fixing Grammar Mistakes

French Learning Video: French Vowels and Sounds

Language Proficiency Q&A: Language Immersion & More

Pronunciation Q&A: Pronunciation Books, Routines & More

Learn Grammar Q&A: Verb Conjugations and More

What Opera Singers Study to Pronounce Languages Natively

The Assimil Language Method: Some Thoughts

Dealing With Homophones and Non Phonetic Languages

How Long Does Making Flashcards Take?

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