On the Tagalog/Filipino Language


Tagalog is the newest member of the language resource section, and it’s a pretty neat one.

From the fascinating history of the language to its ridiculously easy pronunciation (English: Economics –– Tagalog: Ekonomiks) to its fairly wacky system of in-fixes (like prefixes and suffixes, just in the middle of the word: graduate + um = grumaduate), it was a fun article to write and research, and it should be a fun article to read, even if you’ve never thought about learning the language.

And…one last reason you may wish to peruse the Tagalog resource page, even if Tagalog’s not your thing: this is the first resource page that matches the content of my book.

I first designed this website and wrote my Lifehacker piece more than a year ago. At that time, I wrote about a method that had served me well for French, and seemed to work well for a number of my students. But since then, that method has grown.

Over the last nine months in particular, I’ve spent roughly 40-50 hours a week doing research, learning to write, getting (occasionally brutal) feedback from a variety of awesome readers and editors, writing, thinking, deleting and rewriting. During that time, I’ve also had the opportunity to finish off one challenging language and start a new one. It’s been a pretty interesting (and intense) year, and I’m excited to start sharing the fruits of that year with you.

The first manuscript for the book is done, and in the coming months, I’m going to be rewriting everything on the website accordingly. You’ve probably already noticed that new blog posts are rolling in much more frequently, and that will continue (I’m aiming for 2 big posts a week). There are a lot of exciting things that are on their way, so keep on reading, and if you haven’t liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter,  subscribed to our newsletter, then do! You won’t want to miss these next few months. 🙂

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