Brand New! Unveiling the New Look of Fluent Forever

Hi everyone! Gabe here. Up until now, this blog has been a place for me to post my own musings about language learning.

It’s bounced around a bit between cool stuff that readers have shared with me, new ideas I had about the learning process, and biographical stuff like my thoughts on running Kickstarter campaigns.

I’d say the one thing that’s been consistent about the blog is that I haven’t been posting on it consistently, and that’s mostly been a product of my being way, way too busy.

There are two ways to make this blog a much more consistently awesome place:

  1. I stop making apps and things and focus on writing for y’all
  1. I get a team member who can create a blog content calendar, write her own articles, get other staff members to write things, give me writing homework, and we get interesting, relevant, and awesome content delivered here on a consistent basis from a mix of Fluent Forever team members.

We went with option two. 🙂

Introducing Kara, our awesome Social Media Director, with an article she’s been writing up about our brand-new look. Kara, take it away:

Hey all!
I’m happy to be working with Gabe and the rest of the Fluent Forever team!

Our hope is to provide you with great new language learning content every week or two. If you have ideas for topics you would like us to explore on the blog, email us at!

While some of you are busy playing with our official beta (just released on November 7), we thought we would take a minute to share with you a few details about our new look!


Over the past several years, our company brand has undergone several incarnations. By combining the storied Tower of Babel with the hilarious translating Babelfish (from Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), we arrived at… the Tower of Babelfish! Some of you may remember our first few Tower of Babelfish logos.

Unveiling New Look

With the publication of the Fluent Forever book in 2014, the brand began to shift from aquatic to anatomical. The feisty Babelfish soon gave way to a new icon: the brain!

The Fluent Forever method is based on the principles of neuroscience – hacking the brain for more effective language learning. This created an opportunity for the brain to take center stage in our next few company logos.

In early 2018, after months of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, Fluent Forever launched a new logo to solidify the company as an up-and-comer in the language learning industry. This time around, it was all about the name.

While all of these logos have diligently performed their branding duties, we felt it was only fitting to launch our official app in the shiny new packaging it deserves! So, after five years of fish and brains and company names, we are happy to unveil the new us!


Unveiling New Look

This is the icon you will see on your phone after you download the Fluent Forever app 🙂

Going green

So why exactly did we select this brand design? Here is a quick look at our logo logic! 

First things first: the color!  

Fluent Forever began with a single book and a single goal: to share an innovative language learning method with the world.

Since that time, Gabe has created pronunciation trainers and word lists to help make language learning more effective for an ever-expanding community of learners.

With the launch of the official beta, Fluent Forever has grown from a one-person, one-book company into a diverse, international team, building and supporting the best language learning app on the market. To recognize this achievement, we chose the color of growth and renewal for our new brand: green! 

At Fluent Forever, we plan to grow alongside of our learning community, remaining evergreen in our efforts to create new features and add new languages to the app.   

Whether you are looking to grow into a new language or renew an old one, the Fluent Forever app will provide you with the tools you need.

The color green also represents persistence and success – two things we all need on the path to learning a language! When you succeed in reaching your goals, we succeed in ours. (Just one more reason to ‘go green’!)

To infinity and beyond!

What about the design?

The Fluent Forever method enables you not only to learn a new language, but to speak it fabulously and fluently. Forever. (Hence the infinity symbol!)

The speech bubble captures the idea that language is not something to be tucked away in your brain; it is something to be spoken and shared with others.

If you look closely, you can also see the ‘f’ for fluent inside the infinity symbol – a small reminder that we are with you around every bend and loop of your crazy language learning journey.  

One last thing…

Our fantastic new designer, Iris, has been busy incorporating our new brand into all of our products, websites, and marketing materials. So, hopefully soon, when you see our green logo pop up on your screen, it’ll start to feel like an old, familiar friend (just slightly more fashionable than before).

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