Coming Soon! Future Features of the Fluent Forever App

Update 11/08/2022: A lot has changed since we wrote this update. Check out our products page to download our latest app version and sign up for Live Coaching to reach fluency, fast!

My dear readers, backers, and customers! Today, I wanted to share with you a list of some of the features we have in our backlog.

It’s not comprehensive by any means – our backlog has more than 600 items in it (!) – but it should give you an idea of how we’re thinking about the future of our app. (Note that this is in a very rough order of priority, but that order is just a guess.)

Ultimately, we’ll be setting our priorities based on your feedback; after all, this app is for you. So expect to hear from us regularly.

We’ll be sending out surveys to figure out your biggest pain points and your biggest desires so that we can re-prioritize based on that data.

If you have yet to try our app, you can download our Official Beta here with all our core features, which thousands of learners worldwide are already using to learn the language of their dreams.

If you’d rather wait for our official app store release, you’ll be able to download the app directly in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you don’t see a feature here that you really want, let us know via this form

Here are some of our features to come (including those currently in progress):

Enhanced user experience

  • Basic account management: Adjust plans, delete accounts, change email addresses, etc. (in progress)
  • Bonus months are delivered: For folks who backed the original Kickstarter early, or participated in our referral program, etc. (in progress)
  • Basic user guidance (new home screen telling you what to do next): In the original beta, we needed to make a Quick Start Guide for you to know how to use the app. We’re revamping our UX so that’s not needed. (in progress)
  • Free trial period: We want people to be able to try out Fluent Forever before they commit to buying it. (in progress)
  • Subscriptions can be paused: We’ve promised our KS/IGG backers that they would be able to pause their subscriptions. We may add this ability in to our 24-month packages as well. (in progress)
  • Improved user guidance (custom daily goals): Tell our app how much you’d like to study daily, and we’ll build a custom daily plan for you. 
  • Streak: We want to help you build a daily learning habit. To do this, we’ll want to let you know when you’ve been studying for multiple days in a row, and encourage you to keep it up without missing a day.
  • Basic milestones and stats: You should know when a word has passed from short-term memory to long-term memory, so that you can monitor your progress and actually feel when things are starting to click for you!
  • Various UX fixes and clean-up (Undo, status bars on videos, auto-promote certain images): There’s a bunch of little stuff we want to fix or streamline within our app’s UX.
  • Assorted UX improvements (image caching, loading animations): We’d like to speed up the image search functionality in our app and make that experience more comfortable.
  • Basic community portal: Share your sentences and access other users’ personalized sentences.
  • Sentence tagging (topics, vulgarity, offensiveness): We’d like to give our users the ability to ‘tag’ sentences based on topics (i.e., #travel, #food, #automotive), grammar (i.e., #pastprogressive, #future, #conditional), vulgarity, offensiveness, etc. That will allow users to better search for content they’re looking for and avoid content they don’t want to see.
  • Community portal – Q&A: Ask and answer questions about grammar in any sentence, or browse through grammar discussions to better understand the sentences you’ve already learned.
  • Tablet support: Our goal will be to use the extra screen real estate to make your learning experience even more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Desktop version: Not everyone has a smartphone, and some folks prefer interacting with their language with a mouse and keyboard.

Expanded language support

  • Korean support (added!)
  • Spanish localization for Spanish speakers learning English: We’ll continue adding new localizations as we go, but we’ll be starting with Spanish speakers since that’s our largest user-base right now.
  • Japanese support: Japanese and Mandarin both require a lot of extra design to help handle the complex Kanji/Hanzi character system in those languages. Japanese appears to be the language that most of our users are still waiting for, so we’re considering pushing it forward in our priority list.
  • Arabic/Hebrew/Mandarin support: Even if Japanese is a high priority for many of our users, we still have a lot of users looking for Arabic, Hebrew, and Mandarin, so this is where we’re thinking of focusing.
  • Unsupported language support: Use the Fluent Forever app with any language, not just our original set.

Flashcard customization feature

  • Users can add their own sentences: This will allow you to build custom content from textbooks, classes, and/or with a tutor and add it to your flashcards.
  • Explore/Search: Want more sentences for a particular word? Just want to browse through content? Find all that in the Explore section of our app.
  • Personal connections/text notes: Adding personal notes to the back sides of your flashcards (i.e., writing your dog’s name on the back of ‘perro’) can increase their effectiveness by 50–100%, so we’d like to give you the ability to do this ASAP.
  • Image upload + crop: This is another flavor of personalization – using your own dog’s picture for perro is another way to get that 50–100% effectiveness boost.
  • Reminders/Mnemonics: One of the most effective ways to remember abstract concepts like noun gender is to create visual mnemonics (i.e., ‘burning’ = masculine, ‘freezing’ = neuter, etc.). We’re building a system that lets you create mnemonics (‘reminders’) for any word.

That’s it from me. Till next time!

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