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An Honest Fluent Forever App Review – Everything You Need To Know

Are you wondering if our app provides the fastest way to learn a language? Well, let us help you clear any doubts with this Fluent Forever app review.

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What is Fluent Forever? 

Before we get to our Fluent Forever app review, here’s a quick history lesson. 

After writing his bestselling book on how to learn any language forever, Fluent Forever founder Gabriel Wyner wanted to simplify the tools and methods that had allowed him to learn French, Russian, and Spanish. He did this by creating everyone’s favorite language app. Here’s his full story.

In 2019, the Fluent Forever app debuted in digital stores and started helping people learn a new language through its innovative tried-and-tested methodology. We haven’t stopped since.

What about the Fluent Forever method? 

Every honest Fluent Forever app review needs a quick overview of the language learning system it’s based on. In a nutshell, we use a translation-free, 4-step method rooted in neuroscience that gives you the fastest path to fluency with the best long-term retention.

Step 1 

You learn proper pronunciation by rewiring your ears to understand your language’s sounds. Additionally, this makes learning vocabulary much more straightforward.

Step 2 

With your ears rewired, you focus on picking up essential vocabulary. In other words, you spend your time acquiring useful words – vocab you’ll actually use in conversations and find in readings.

Step 3 

With some key vocabulary under your belt, you start learning grammar intuitively through stories and sentences.

Step 4 

Armed with the basics of your language, you can practice with native speakers through Fluent Forever’s Live Coaching program


What are the 4 main features of the Fluent Forever app?

Continuing with this Fluent Forever app review, here’s a short rundown of the main features users have access to.

Learn pronunciation like a native 

Master your language’s sounds through minimal pair tests and instructional videos. Minimal pairs are coupled words that sound almost identical – for example, ‘moss’ and ‘mass.’ Every language in the app has dozens of ready-to-use minimal pair tests. 

Build a base vocabulary 

Build your base vocabulary with frequently used words and the awesome power of translation-free, personalized flashcards. The app simplifies the flashcard-creating process, allowing you to build word and sentence cards using an image search browser, your own pictures, or drawings. 

Learn grammar intuitively 

You’ll learn grammar through stories and creating sentences with words you already know. Plus, you can add sentences and phrases you’re interested in learning. 

Review your vocabulary and grammar 

Review your vocabulary and grammar flashcards with our integrated spaced repetition system (SRS) algorithm. The algorithm generates daily review sessions based on your past performance, helping you focus where you need to most. 

Hint: Check out more top-notch language learning tips in our article on the Fastest Way To Learn a Language.

What does the Fluent Forever app look like?

Other Fluent Forever app reviews show you old, outdated user dashboards. Here are the two main sections that you’ll see when you open your app today.


Here’s where you’ll see your daily guided learning and profile. This is where you get personalized review sessions on pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar based on your past performance. At the same time, you can access the custom flashcard creator for grammar and vocab.

Additionally, after you’re done with your daily tasks, you can do bonus lessons to bolster your lessons. Lastly, you can access and edit your profile, see your streak, and check out your achievements. 

Resource page

In this second section, you’ll find additional learning resources like videos on language learning tips. 

This is where you can access vocabulary and sentence banks, pronunciation tests, and the tool that lets you add your own words and phrases to the app. 

You can also get started on your review session here. 

What languages can you learn with the Fluent Forever app?

We currently offer 13 languages: English, French, Spanish (Castilian), Spanish (LA), Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hebrew, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, and Russian. 

How much does the Fluent Forever app cost?

You can check out our most up-to-date prices and promos right here

What are the pros and cons of the Fluent Forever app?


  • Follows a proven, science-back method to learn a new language fast
  • Relies on more effective, image-based flashcards that don’t use translations, as opposed to apps like Duolingo
  • Provides pronunciation practice, which vocab- and grammar-oriented apps like Memrise don’t do 
  • Price is affordable compared to alternatives like FluentU, and considering the app lets you practice all three key elements of any language: pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary


  • No offline functionality 
  • The number of languages available can be considered limited compared to alternatives like Duolingo and Ling

Does the Fluent Forever app really work? 

If everything we’ve said in this Fluent Forever app review hasn’t convinced you yet, here are some testimonials from real users. 

The difference between this method and other methods is astounding! I started to hear the separation in words from some of my coworkers who speak Spanish before I even understood what they were saying. Also, I began to recognize sounds as they were spoken and know how to repeat them accurately even if I didn’t yet know the word. I’m looking forward to learning more vocabulary so I can communicate more fully in Spanish. I’ve looked ahead in my lessons and that is literally my next step! – Rachel

I can hear every word said by native speakers. Also, I like that I can add my own words. I really like the method behind showing cards based on my progress. And I enjoy learning words with sentences. Lukas

I have indeed improved my pronunciation of Korean using Fluent Forever’s pronunciation tools. The pairs of similar-sounding pronunciations were the most helpful. Also, I’m better at hearing the different sounds in Korean because of them. I am certainly not near conversational, but when I ask native speakers to check my pronunciation, they affirm that I have the correct pronunciation.Morgan

The minimal pairs really helped me to both hear and produce the different sounds that I wasn’t familiar with in Korean. I have noticed good improvement. Native speakers recently have said that my pronunciation is very natural (except for laterals…still can’t get those, lol). I’m still not a great speaker, but knowing I’m on the right track is helping me to be a little more confident. Karen 

Fluent Forever app review: final verdict

So, is the Fluent Forever app worth it? We think it’s a yes. Let’s give you a quick recap.

Regardless of your level, the Fluent Forever app provides a complete, proven tool to help you improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar in 13 different languages. 

First, its innovative use of image-only flashcards, which skip translations, allows you to think in the language you’re learning from the get-go. This will get you speaking your language faster than traditional methods that rely heavily on direct translations. Additionally, the integrated SRS algorithm makes reviewing vocabulary and grammar more efficient. 

Second, grammar is learned intuitively through stories and sentences, which makes acquiring this often complex element more fun and engaging. 

Lastly, the app’s personalization tools allow you to customize your learning experience. That’s right: you learn your way.

That’s our 100% transparent review of the Fluent Forever app, backed by real user testimonials. If you’re ready to start your journey to fluency, you can check out our current promos and download the Fluent Forever app right here. We promise you won’t regret it! 

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