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Here’s How To Say Happy Mother’s Day in 11 Different Languages

Celebrate your mom in a unique way this year! Learn how to wish her a happy Mother’s Day in the 11 different languages we offer in the Fluent Forever app!

Mother’s Day around the world

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! 

The decision is unanimous worldwide: moms rule! So much so, in fact, that most countries celebrate an annual Mother’s Day to show their appreciation for such a beloved pillar of society. 

Depending on the country, the date of Mother’s Day changes. The United States, for example, celebrates it on the second Sunday of May, while most Arab countries do so on March 21st. Regardless of the date or nation, the same sentiments of love and recognition for mothers are acknowledged worldwide.

So, if you’re wondering how you can wish a happy Mother’s Day in a unique way, stick around. Today, we’ll show you how to say Happy Mother’s Day in different languages – 11 of them, to be exact.

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A joyful mother holds her newborn in her arms, lifting him up on the backdrop of a beach.
Hurray for moms!
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Happy Mother’s Day in different languages

1. Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish

How do you greet your mother-in-law with Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish? You can simply say Feliz día de las madres! [feˈlis̬ ˈðia ðelas̬ ˈmaðɾes]. 

What if you’re writing a Mother’s Day card in Spanish? In that case, you can scribble Gracias por ser tan buena madre [ˈɡɾasjas poɾ ˈsɛɾ ˈtãm ˈbwena ˈmaðɾe] or [ˈɡɾaθjas poɾ ˈsɛɾ ˈtãm ˈbwena ˈmaðɾe], which means “Thank you for being such a great mom.” She’ll love you for it! 

Hint: Don’t miss the date! While Mother’s Day in Spain is on the first Sunday of May, it’s held annually on May 10th in Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador.

2. Happy Mother’s Day in French 

On the last Sunday of May, during the Fête des mères [fɛt de mɛʁ], or Mother’s Day in French, People will say Bonne fête des mères [bɔn fɛt de mɛʁ] or Joyeuse fête des mères [​​ˌʒwaˈjøz fɛt de mɛʁ] to their beloved moms.

3. Happy Mother’s Day in Portuguese 

During Mother’s Day, which falls on the first Sunday of May in Portugal and on the second Sunday in Brazil, people say Feliz día das mães [feˈliʒ ˈdʒiɐ ˈdaʒ ˈmɐ̃j̃ʃ]. Like in other countries, it’s customary to give your mom flowers, presents, or take her out for dinner. 

4. Happy Mother’s Day in Russian

Wishing your mom a happy Mother’s Day in Russian is as easy as saying С Днем Матери [z‿ ˈdnʲɵm ˈmatʲɪrʲɪ] (s dnyom me-te-ri). Russia observes Mother’s Day on March 8th, International Women’s Day, along with other Ex-Soviet Union countries. 

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5. Happy Mother’s Day in Italian

Italians, who celebrate this day on the second Sunday of May, wish their mamme (mothers) a happy Mother’s Day by saying Felice festa della mamma! [feˈlitʃe ˈfɛsta ˈdelːa ˈmamːa].

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6. Happy Mother’s Day in German 

How do you wish a happy Mother’s Day in German? Simple! It’s Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Muttertag! [ˈhɛrtslɪçən ˈɡlʏkvʊnʃ ˈtsʊm ˈmʊtɐˌtak]. Like in other European countries on this list, Mother’s Day in Germany takes place on the second Sunday of May. 

7. Happy Mother’s Day in Japanese 

The Japanese, who also celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, don’t really use “Happy Mother’s Day,” which translates to お母さん、母の日おめでとう 。[o ka ːsaɴ ha hano çi omedetoː] (Okaasan, haha no hi omedetou). An alternative phrase you can use is お母さん、いつもありがとう。[o ka ːsaɴ tsɯᵝmo a ɾʲi ŋatoː] (Okaasan itsumo arigatou), meaning “Mother, thank you for everything.”

8. Happy Mother’s Day in Chinese 

母親節快樂 [ái mu kiù r ēn zhèiài kèi yōu ài ái lu r] (mǔ qīn jié kuài lè) is how you say Happy Mother’s Day in Chinese. This day is celebrated nationwide on the second Sunday of May.

9. Happy Mother’s Day in Hebrew 

Interestingly, in the 1990s, Mother’s Day was reconfigured as Family Day in Israel. The change sought to encompass and celebrate the different types of family structures in Israeli society, as well as the increasingly egalitarian roles within them. Family Day is celebrated on Shevat 30 of the Jewish calendar. 

If you still want to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day in Hebrew, you can say יום אם שמח (Yom em same’ach).

10. Happy Mother’s Day in Korean  

Mother’s Day is no longer officially celebrated in Korea. During the 1950s, the festivity was replaced by Parent’s Day in order to honor both heads of family. Today, Parent’s Day falls on May 8th every year.  

However, if you want to compliment your mom with some kind Korean words, you can always say 엄마 사랑합니다 (Eomma saranghamnida), which means “I love you, mama.”

11. Happy Mother’s Day in Dutch  

Lastly, you’ll hear Fijne Moederdag! [ˈfɛi̯nə ˈmudəɹˌdɑχ] uttered during Mother’s Day in The Netherlands, celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. 

And that’s how you say Happy Mother’s Day in different languages! Take your pick and wish your mom a special one in a truly unique way.

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