How To Improve Your Grammar in Any Language Using These 3 Tools!

Happy National Grammar Day! We all need grammar help every now and then, especially when learning a foreign language. Let us show you how to improve your grammar in any language in 3 different ways.

Whether it’s to improve your French, Spanish, or any of the other 9 languages you can learn with our Fluent Forever app, these 3 tools will teach you how to get better at grammar.

1. Understand your language’s syntax structure

Key to sentences understanding grammar is. That was painful to read, wasn’t it? That’s because grammar is a language’s director: it assigns a sense of order to the words in sentences. Every language has its own syntax—or word order—rules, and understanding them helps you develop better pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

So, need grammar help in, say, Spanish? Knowing that Spanish follows mostly a subject-verb-object (SVO) word order will help you construct better sentences when you speak and write.

That’s why Yo quiero otra cerveza (I want another beer) makes sense when you say it out loud, but Otra cerveza yo quiero (Another beer I want), not so much. Unless, of course, Yoda’s apprentice you are.

Understanding Spanish syntax, on the other hand, will also help you identify why and when you’d use an SOV order in your sentences. We have an unpublished chapter from our Fluent Forever book dedicated to grammar elements like syntax and how you can better understand them. Check it out!

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2. Use flashcards to learn grammar rules intuitively

If you already use our app, then you know that we adore flashcards. When it comes to grammar help in a new language, they’re fantastic tools to practice and memorize syntax and verb conjugation.

You can practice grammar using flashcards with images instead of translations, which helps with the long-term memorization of what you’re trying to learn.

Use flashcards to build sentences you’re interested in, and practice the different conjugations for any verbs you’re learning. And, because flashcards are incorporated in our app, you can improve your grammar online from the comfort of your couch.

3. Practice your reading and writing skills

Want to know how to improve your grammar in an easy and practical way? Read. Reading has many benefits, including helping you become a better writer and strengthening the grammar rules you’re learning.

Take it up a notch and read what you’re trying to learn out loud to make sure it sticks. If you feel confident enough, try picking up a short story or article in your target language. Before you know it, you’ll be a master of grammar. 

“One page at a time!”

Combine all 3! 

The Fluent Forever app applies all 3 of these tools in the 11 languages available. Download it now and start your journey to fluency today.

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