Japanese Tutorial 1: How to Type in Japanese on a Mac

Hi everyone! I’ve been planning on blogging about Japanese for a long, long while, but I wanted to finish the Korean trainer beforehand, and Korean ended up taking 2-3x longer than expected.

how to type in japanese on a mac

But! It’s finally done, so this month I’m going to be blogging a fair bit. Our first entry is a quick tutorial on how to type in Japanese on a Mac, since we’ll need that working for all the other tutorials to make sense.

How to type in Japanese on a Mac:

How to type in Japanese on a PC:

This should work pretty similarly to the Mac version. Basically, you’re typing in romaji (“W A T A S H I”), you will see the Hiragana (“わたし”)and if you hit space, it’ll jump into Kanji: (“私”). So far my favorite guide is here: … but if you find a better tutorial on that, let us know in the comments!

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