Hungarian Book Reviews and Resources


After finally finding a grammar book that I can actually recommend, I’ve finished a Hungarian book reviews section. Just because not many people study it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get some love.

For those of you who might be shopping around for a new language, Hungarian is not as hard as everyone says. I think it’s just a rumor Hungarians like to spread so that they can talk amongst themselves without being understood in trains. The language is extremely orderly – the spelling is as easy as Spanish, once you get a hang of it, the dreaded case system much better behaves than Russian, there are no noun genders, and the grammar is just cool.

Hungarian Book Reviews and Resources

Check this out:

a feleség (the wife) – a feleségem (my wife) – a feleségnek (to the wife, as in “He gave flowers to the wife”) – a feleségemnek (to my wife, as in “He gave flowers to my wife”).



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