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Happy International Joke Day! Top 10 Memes for Language Learners

What kind of Spanish do bilingual cowboys speak? Espan-y’all! It’s International Joke Day, so put away all your worries and enjoy these language-related gags on this humor-filled day!  

What is International Joke Day?

Telling jokes is older than you think. For example, did you know historians traced the first joke ever told back to the Sumerian civilization in 1900 BC? It’s such a popular and human experience that we have an international day for it. Every year, on July 1st, the world celebrates International Joke Day. Some credit Wayne Reinegal, an American author, for coming up with this day to promote a joke book he wrote in 1994.

International Joke Day is a middle-of-the-year reminder to laugh and remember how precious laughing can be. Despite daily struggles and rough days, everyone, including language learners, should take this day to chuckle their stress away! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of funny memes every language enthusiast can relate to. Enjoy, and don’t forget to smile! 

But before you giggle the day away, remember that language learning is no joke to us. That’s why we took our 4-step, science-backed teaching method and created the Fluent Forever app. Working in tandem with our Live Coaching program, our app provides you with the fastest way to learn a language. Choose any of our 11 languages available and start practicing today!

Two women lie on their stomach laughing. Both hold books: one of them in her hands, the other on her head.

Must’ve been a good joke! Image by Trương Hoàng Huy Ngân from Pixabay

International Joke Day

Besides laughing at our carefully handpicked language memes, you can try other things to celebrate this day. 

First, go and support your local stand-up comedy club. Comedians take their jokes seriously, so you’re guaranteed a good laugh! Second, when’s the last time you told a joke? Try learning a new one and make your friends’ day! Who knows, maybe it’ll be on that comedy club’s stage next time. 

Lastly, go watch your favorite comedy film. Watching our best-loved funny movie is a surefire way of laughing out loud and shaking off the stress of everyday life. Lots of things to do on International Joke Day!

3 main reasons why we love jokes

In case you need specific reasons to go out and share a gag on International Joke Day, here are some of them! Jokes are good for your health. Studies show that laughing regularly is linked to longevity, a boosted immune system, and a healthier lifestyle. Plus, jokes bring us together. Regardless of the culture or language, we all enjoy getting together to quip the hours away and have good ol’ belly laughs.

Lastly, as we said earlier, jokes are a human experience. They remind us that life is not all problems and stress, but that there are reasons to smile and laugh, too. On that note, here are some of the best memes to laugh our language-learning struggles away!

Top 10 memes every language learner can relate to

1. Definite article madness

Four people and one cat appear in four panels, each one has a flag on their forehead.

2. The struggle is real

A woman stands in front of a blue backdrop and asks: "since when did words have genders?" Below her, a man stands in disbelief at her comment.

3. All over the place

A man sits on a couch exclaiming "parkour!"

4. It was here a second ago

A young man stands gesturing a farewell to no one in particular. Slowly, he vanishes.

5. Hey, I’m just living in the moment

Two panels of Drake in an orange parka: the first photograph shows Drake gesturing a rejection of something; the second shows him agreeing with a different gesture.

6. One of them has to be right

A musical band stands on a stage. One of the members sings, the lyrics appear below.

7. Merci!

A smiling cat sits on a wooden chair. In front of the cat, a considerably-sized waffle on a plate.

8. Oh no!

9. Hey, I know that one!

Leonardo Dicaprio sits on a coach while holding a beer and a cigarette in the same hand. He's pointing at something.

10. Going all in!

A dog licks a faucet outside, drinking the few drops that come out of it. A second picture shows a dog being soaked by a high-pressure sprinkler.

We hope you enjoy International Joke Day and have good laugh today! Remember, no one takes language learning more seriously than us, so download the Fluent Forever app and sign up for our Live Coaching to really boost your journey to fluency.

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