New Features! Edit Image, Reset Data, See Gender, & More

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of our new version of the Fluent Forever App, v1.0.1. I dub this one “The Anti-Annoyance Build”, with a bunch of much needed bug fixes and features:

Edit Image Feature (!!!!!!!!!!)

Your #1 wish is our #1 command. You can finally, finally, finally edit images on your flashcards. Tap on the […] button on the back side of any flashcard during your review session and you will find this lovely menu:

Edit Image Feature

Reset Your Data, Change Your Difficulty Level

Down Time Feature

Many of you have played around with our early beta, made random flashcards, and then wanted to start over with a clean slate once we released. At long last, Reset All Data is here. We made sure to make the screen extra scary:

We also have heard from folks who selected ‘Advanced’ when they meant ‘Intermediate’ or vice versa, and wanted to go back and change their level. Got you covered:


Maintenance Downtime Notification

This one is less sexy…mostly just means that we won’t be bombarding you with emails whenever we shut the app down for a few hours to fix something. But I love the Fluent Forever Robot and wanted to share:

Down Time Feature

Grammatical Gender in the Card Creation Flow!

We’ve been including grammatical gender on the backsides of flashcards, but we needed to make that visible also during flashcard creation. So we did:

For those of you new to Fluent Forever, I’ll give you a study tip: Pick a vivid action to associate with each gender in your target language. Perhaps feminine stuff burns, masculine stuff shatters into a million pieces, and (for German or Russian) neuter stuff crackles with electricity.

As you create your flashcards, take a moment to imagine this stuff happening to the word you’re learning (German’s Katze [cat] is feminine. Imagine a flaming cat).

Then, when you review your flashcards, see if you can recall the grammatical gender. If you remember it, awesome. If you can’t recall it or you get it wrong, imagine a more intense story [That flaming Katze is running around your house, setting your couch and curtains on fire]. Every time you can’t recall the gender, mark that flashcard as incorrect until your story is vivid enough that the gender sticks.

Fixed Daily Bonuses!

The ‘Bonus’ section in our Daily Goals was a bit insane, suggesting that you complete 44 pronunciation lessons, or 12 videos, or 199 review sessions. Not everyone has 35 hours to work on languages each day, so we made the bonuses a bit more palatable. For those of you who DO have a lot of time to work on stuff each day, I’d recommend:

  1. Do as many review sessions as you can. You will eventually run out of them, and that’s actually ideal.
  2. If you’ve completely run out of review sessions, then try and finish all the pronunciation videos
  3. If you’ve done #1 and #2, then try and get ahead with your pronunciation lessons. Note that when you do this, you’ll add a bunch of review sessions. Go do those before finishing ALL the pronunciation lessons.
  4. If you’ve completed #1, #2 and #3, then the only thing you’d really benefit from is alternating between creating new base vocab or grammar flashcards, and doing review sessions. But if you’re spending >3 hours in our app on a daily basis you may actually benefit from pulling a wee bit back (my own patience level only lets me do around 2 hours/day when I’m seriously maxing myself out) and adding in alternative stuff like watching instructional videos on Youtube about grammar (for beginner/intermediate folks) or watching target language TV with target language subtitles (for intermediate/advanced folks) or chatting with a tutor on

Assorted Bug Fixes!

We fixed:

  • The ‘repeating flashcard’ bug, where you finish reviewing a flashcard and then it bounces right back to the last one you reviewed.
  • The ‘why on earth is the last flashcard in my review session blank?!’ bug
  • A gaggle of sentence/word corrections in various languages
  • On iOS, some images wouldn’t reload or they’d flash annoyingly.
  • Some updates to user guidance
  • Getting stuck on ‘Give us a second, we’re fetching you some cards for your review session’
  • Fixed a crash or two
  • We knocked out the # left indicator in your review sessions, since it’s not actually accurate and was confusing. Basically when you’re doing Ear Training flashcards, you need to get them right a few times in a row in order to get rid of those cards, and the # Left indicator didn’t take that into account. We’re going to replace that with a progress bar in the future but for now we decided it’d be best not to give you a random number that only serves to confuse you 😛


That’s it for this build! I hope it makes your Fluent Forever experience a lot smoother. This also frees us up to start moving into more interesting feature development with splashier functionality like daily streak, push notifications, navigation improvements, and much, much more 😉

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