New Features! Explore, Image Upload, Reminders, & More

Update 11/08/2022: A lot has changed since we wrote this update. Visit our products page to download our latest app version and sign up for Live Coaching to reach fluency, fast!

Since our April launch, we continue to release a new update at a steady bi-monthly cadence with critical bug fixes and your most-requested new features.

Here’s a recap of the major improvements recently released, plus a look at what’s next:


One of the most requested features, Explore lets you search for specific words and sentences to learn. You can search in both English and your target language. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can create a card to learn it and add it to your review deck.

Image Upload

Another hotly requested feature, Image Upload lets you upload your own photos from your smartphone to your cards.

We’re really excited about this feature because it’s excellent for reinforcing the concept in our method of using relevant imagery to improve memory.

Learning the word for dog? What better way to learn it than by taking a picture of your own dog for your flashcard?

Study reminders

It takes a certain type of discipline to remind yourself to study daily. We all have the best intentions for reaching our fluency goal, but sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to study.

To make it easier for you to never miss a session, we rolled out study reminders in the form of push notifications.

This is a daily reminder with encouraging messages to pick up where you last left off, so that you don’t have to stress about remembering to stay on track!

Review Progress Summary

One of the biggest high-level features we’re working on is a comprehensive Progress Stats system so you can easily track your fluency level and overall progress towards fluency.

Not too long from now, we’ll be able to release stats on your usage that will give you a great idea on how you’re doing. The first step in the release is Review Progress Summary, which summarizes what you reviewed and where those words/rules are in your memory.

For example, if you just reviewed a word for the first time, you’ll be shown it’s in your short-term memory; and if it was the 10th time reviewing that card and you’ve always remembered it correctly, you’ll be shown it’s in your long-term memory.

Soon we’ll have exciting stats throughout the whole app so you know exactly how you’re progressing toward your ultimate goal!

Assorted optimizations

  • Shortened the Daily Streak task to simplify maintaining your streak
  • Optimized the Card Review process for a smoother flow
  • Updated the Settings page for quicker access and more options
  • Reorganized the bottom navigation to prioritize pages you use most
  • Added error reporting to Review for helping us quickly fix pesky bugs

That’s all for now, folks! We’re thrilled to have been able to release your most requested features over these latest series of updates.

So, what can you look forward to over the coming weeks?

Up next, we’ll be working on visual improvements to our flashcards that will make them look awesome, flip around, and have quick answer buttons in addition to swiping. After that, we’ll be rolling out study reminder customization.

Learn more about our upcoming features in our roadmap

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