Preposition Images for the Fluent Forever Word List

Note 8/19/2022: This is an older blog post containing information about using the Anki software to create flashcards for language learning.

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Just a short post that should prove useful if you’ve had trouble finding good pictures for prepositions (on, over, between) or directions (up, down, top, bottom).

I found a lovely image of 29 prepositions in English on a language learning site for French students of English, Angloxchange. It has a bunch of English labels on it, but I cut the image up into little chunks, so you should be able to drag and drop your favorites into Anki.

You’ll find the (cut-up) image over here

New: A reader just suggested a Slovak website with 12 preposition images in the form of cute sheep. If you prefer sheep to red balls, check them out here.

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