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French Pronunciation Video

Note 11/04/2022: This is an older video posted before the release of our language learning products.

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Video tutorial: How to learn French pronunciation

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This tutorial covers all of the sounds in French. I’ll show you how to go from your knowledge of English vowels and consonants to the French ones.

Since French is such a vowel-rich language, this video provides a helpful template for learning foreign vowels in any language, so do check it out even if you’re not learning French.

You should watch the English videos first here, here, and here, especially the latter vowels video, or else this is going to be somewhat confusing!

If you want translated subtitles, click the Caption button in the video, click Translate Captions, and select your language. You can also read the transcript of this pronunciation video here.

If you want a hand memorizing this, either make your own deck using Anki or get your hands on my French pronunciation deck. Enjoy!

Remember, you can now download the Fluent Forever app to speed up your pronunciation progress in the French language!

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