Anki Dropbox Tutorial

Anki Tutorial 1: Installing and setting up Anki, AnkiWeb and Dropbox (Mac)

NOTE: With the advent of Anki 2.0, this tutorial is (thankfully) obsolete! Anki2 handles media on its own servers, so you don’t need to worry about synchronizing your pictures and audio with dropbox.

I’m leaving this tutorial here for anyone who prefers using Anki 1 (The update fixed a lot of things, but changed a lot of behavior. If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about it. Go get Anki 2)

Anki Dropbox

This shows you the whole installation and setup process to get Anki syncing across multiple devices. If you’re just using 1 computer, skip this step! I’ll get a PC version done as soon as possible, though PC users should be able to follow the Mac version without many changes. (See the The Method/Anki for details)

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