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New Features! Fluency Levels, Task Duration, & Optimized Home + Review Screens

Update 10/20/2022: A lot has changed since we wrote this update. Check out our products page to download our latest app version and sign up for Live Coaching to reach fluency, fast!

Well, we’ve been quite busy, to say the least, since the world got turned on its head!

It’s been a bittersweet journey for us as we manage the hardships of the new reality while app activity and partnerships have surged like never before.

Nevertheless, during all this movement and uncertainty, we’ve tried to keep our growing community of language learners productive and happy with their language learning progress.

And to do that, we haven’t stopped rolling out app improvements!. So here’s a recap of the major features recently released, plus a look at what’s next.

CEFR progress levels

We’re excited about this one! This is the biggest feature we’ve rolled out in quite some time. It required the monumental task of adapting our custom method to an established standardized fluency level system.

We picked one that’s highly regarded and used worldwide, and that gives our learners a clearer sense of their objective progress while using our app.

Your progress throughout these levels (from A1 to C1) will be largely assessed by how much vocabulary you know.

The emphasis on “know” because it’s not just a word you saw translated once. We also count it once you actually incorporate it into your long-term memory through remembering it right in Review sessions.

It’s simple yet powerful, and a great new way to track your progress!

CEFR Progress Levels - New Features

Lightning-fast reviews

We heard all your feedback regarding the various hiccups and UI quirks slowing you down. So we revamped the whole flow to give you super-fast and productive review sessions.

We’ve totally redesigned the card review flow to make it leaner, faster, and more super enjoyable.

You can swipe or use the quick answer buttons, you can quickly tap to flip question or answer, listen to the pronunciation, and delete all right from Review.

Lightning Fast Reviews New Features

New home screen with task duration

You’ll see a new home screen in the app with the new Progress Stats up top, and then your Daily Tasks cleanly sorted by priority, now with an assigned time value to give you a sense of how long your next tasks up should take.

This should be helpful when you’re wondering whether you have enough time for a quick session.

Home Task Duration - New Features

Pronunciation mini-reviews

To make Pronunciation lessons even more effective, we’ve added mini-review sessions within the lessons so you can start drilling in what you learned right away.

This will help you learn even the trickiest pronunciation faster than ever!

Pronunciation Mini-Reviews New Features

Up next

Based on excellent feedback from our power users, we’ll be updating our Learn screen to be a crystal-clear launching pad for what you’re trying to do in the app.

Our home screen will continue to be a personalized guided set of tasks based on your activity, but this optimized Learn screen will allow you get a clear, high-level starting point into the different sections of the app (which, as always, reflect our Four-Step Method).

Up Next - New Features

That’s all for now folks! 🎉 We’re thrilled to have been able to release your most requested features over this latest series of updates.

So, what can you look forward to next? Currently, we’re working on a feature to add your own words and sentences directly in the app, and we’re planning on releasing Japanese (!)

Track what we’re working on next in our roadmap here. Till next time!

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