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The Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation Trainer

Hi! If you’re seeing this, you’ve probably purchased my Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation Trainer (if not, you can get it at the store). I’m going to be using this page to keep track of changes, to provide instructions for repairing problems, and to have a central place to keep the instructional videos that you should watch before using your trainer.

Instructions for using your trainer effectively:

If you’ve never dealt with Anki before, follow the tutorials here. Basically, you’ll just download Anki, install it, and doubleclick on the Portuguese_(Whateverversionitis).apkg file that you’ve gotten by email. You should see a note saying “Cards Imported!”. At that point, you’re free to start studying. I go through this process from start to finish (and show you how to get it working on your mobile device) in Tutorial 5, so if you feel comfortable skipping ahead, I’ll provide that video here, too:

Anki Tutorial 5: Getting Anki synchronized across your various devices (Laptops, smartphones, etc.)

Brazilian Portuguese Video 1: Portuguese Phonetics and Spelling

Brazilian Portuguese Video 2: Portuguese Vowels

Brazilian Portuguese Video 3: Portuguese Spelling Rules (DRAFT)

Note: If you’d like more info on phonetics and the IPA, check out this series of videos.

Some Modified Versions:

Add a ‘Type your word out’ field:

An explanation of what this is:

And how to do it [note: I include a pre-made version of this in your download!]:

Copy-able code: {{type:Example word for that spelling/sound combination}} and {{type:Example word}}

Make your ear-training cards play BOTH recordings when you hit ‘Show Answer’:

Bug Reports:

I’ll put all bug reports here. Make sure to check here before sending me an email, as I may know about it already!

Brazilian Portuguese Beta v1.01: No bugs reported yet!

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