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Fluent Forever’s Learner Success Stories: Real Experiences with Language Learning

Curious about trying out Fluent Forever, but not sure if our app and language learning method are right for you? Let some of our current users persuade you!

But first, a quick history…

What is Fluent Forever?

After writing his bestselling book on how to learn any language forever, Fluent Forever founder Gabriel Wyner wanted to simplify the tools and methods that had allowed him to learn French, Russian, and Spanish. He did this by creating everyone’s favorite language app. Here’s his full story.

In 2019, the Fluent Forever app debuted in digital stores and started helping people learn a new language through its innovative tried-and-tested methodology. We haven’t stopped since.

Fast forward to today, where we’re sharing some of our favorite user testimonials on how our method has successfully helped them learned their target language. Read on for their perspectives on why it worked for them (and how it can work for you, too!).

Fluent Forever App and Coaching User Testimonials


Benjamin, Learning French, App and Coaching User

My wife is originally from Cameroon and she has family all over the world: Canada, France, Mali, Cameroon – and many only speak French, so I want to be able to improve my skills so I can communicate with them and also with my wife and son. Fluent Forever has helped me build my vocabulary, pronunciation, and written, and oral fluency, and it’s all customized to my learning experience.

The app isn’t easy though, which is why it works. Other apps have quick games that you can easily get the answer and they only test you on memorizing direct translation which won’t help when you are in a truly French environment or language of your choice. Then if you want you can get a language tutor for a reasonable price. I do classes once a month and it’s again customizable and helping me. If you want to learn a language, this effort won’t be easy, but it will truly stick just like the name says – Fluent Forever.


Carlos, Learning Chinese, App User

I tried Duolingo to learn Mandarin before, but I found myself mostly trying to keep my streak alive and gaming the learning. With Fluent Forever I advanced much faster and I got to A1 with only 15 minutes every day!

There are three things that I think are key to the Fluent Forever method:

  1. The use of the time spacing algorithm for learning so that you are presented with words that you are about to forget.
  2. The use of images and native sound to keep learning.
  3. The personalization of flash cards.


Chris, Learning Spanish, App User

I started with the book and was excited to hear of an app being developed. I tried the app a while after it was released and used it to learn Spanish pronunciation. I found it very helpful to learn how to speak properly. I also really like the flash card method for learning vocabulary. The interface of the app makes it really easy to build a “deck” of words to study.


Likoebe, Learning Japanese, App and Coaching User

Fluent Forever has been a transformational experience for me in language learning. The app’s emphasis on ear training for pronunciation has made learning Japanese more accessible. That, combined with the custom-created flashcards, has made the mental process of retrieval easier. Finally, one-on-one language coaching has been a game-changer for me. It builds accountability and establishes a judgment-free forum for practicing the language.


Jay, Learning Spanish, App User

I am not one to subscribe to any apps, or buy any apps, except for this one, and I have recommended it to everyone I know! I have been subscribed to Fluent Forever for multiple years now, and I still enjoy using it today. I think it is a wonderful app to learn a language and makes it very easy to start.  ◡̈ I love how user-friendly the app is. The platform looks nice. It is very addictive which is why I love it (currently on my longest streak – 518 days – and still going !!). My favorite thing about FF is how quick and efficient the team is when you run into an issue. They are very nice and understanding, and very helpful!

Download the app today!

If you’re ready to start your journey to fluency, you can download the Fluent Forever app right here. We promise you won’t regret it!

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