Top 6 Portuguese Movies on Netflix for Language Learning

One of the most fun ways to learn a language is through movies. Portuguese is no different! We’ve compiled the top Brazilian Portuguese movies on Netflix for you to watch.

You can jump straight to our top 6 picks, or read along and discover how to get the most out of Netflix as a tool for learning Portuguese.


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This counts as learning, too!
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How to find (MORE) Portuguese movies on Netflix

Have you run out of Portuguese shows on Netflix? No worries! There are many ways to find “extra” series and movies in Portuguese using your Netflix account. 

Here are some nifty tricks you can try!

Original content

First off, in case you haven’t already, try the “Browse by Languages” option and make sure you’ve really run out of original Netflix movies in Portuguese.

Select “Browse by Languages,” then choose “Original Language” in the drop-down menu. Next, pick Portuguese as your language and sort (or not) as you please. 

The results should show all of the documentaries, series, and movies available in Portuguese as their original language.

NOTE: There isn’t an automatic option to filter through the Brazil or Portugal variants of Portuguese. In other words, you will have to read through the synopsis to find out which version the movie uses. 

Browse by languages option on Netflix

Portuguese audio

So, you’ve binge-watched all of the original Portuguese content. That’s it, right? Nope! Luckily, there are other ways to get your Portuguese fix on Netflix.

You can also watch films, series, and documentaries from other languages dubbed in Portuguese. Unfortunately, not all content has this option, but luckily, there’s an easy way to find the ones that do. 

Go back to the “Browse by Languages” option on your dashboard. Select “Dubbing” in the drop-down menu, and choose the Portuguese language.

Pronto! Netflix will automatically show you all of its content, originally in other languages, available in Portuguese audio. Portuguese is a widespread and popular language, so you will get lots of shows and movies as a result.

Portuguese subtitles

OK, but that’s definitely it, right? There aren’t any other hacks to get even more Portuguese movies on Netflix, certo? Close, but no cigar!

You can also watch movies and series in other languages with Portuguese subtitles. Again, not every show or film has Portuguese subtitles, but there’s a process to help you find the ones that do.

Primeiro, click the “Browse by Languages” option. Segundo, choose “Subtitles” in the drop-down menu. Finalmente, pick Portuguese. You will get all the Netflix content available with Portuguese subtitles. 

Change the language settings of your account

Last but not least, you can change the language settings of your Netflix account to Portuguese. 

You do this by going to the “Manage Profiles” option in the main menu. Afterwards, you can “Edit a Profile” by clicking on the pencil icon in the center. Lastly, choose Portuguese in the “Language” section. 

When you do this, the menus, options, and synopses will all be in Portuguese. Now, even scrolling Netflix will help you learn Portuguese!

Netflix's Edit profile menu

Can you learn a language with Portuguese movies on Netflix?

Yes, you can, but only to a certain degree. How much you can learn depends on how much you know your target language. 

For instance, someone starting from zero will benefit significantly less from Netflix as a language tool than a person with some knowledge of Portuguese. 

For starters, the latter individual will understand what’s being said by the movie characters or the subtitles. Plus, they will be able to improve their grammar and vocabulary by building on what they already know.

On the other hand, regardless of your level, Portuguese movies on Netflix are a fantastic source of native-level pronunciation. So, even if your Portuguese is non-existent, you can benefit from Netflix a little. 

Having said that, we recommend that you actively use Netflix as a language resource once you’ve got a solid base to build on. A quick way to form these foundations is with our app. 

The Fluent Forever app will provide you with the fundamentals of Portuguese – essential pronunciation, key vocabulary, and intuitively learned grammar rules – in a few weeks. Armed with these language basics (and more), you will be able to binge-watch your way to fluency while enjoying your favorite shows. 

And, if you’re all about talking about your favorite shows on Netflix, you can try our Live Coaching program. Our Portuguese coaches will create personalized daily, biweekly, or weekly sessions based on your goals and interests to get you speaking comfortably. 

So, if you want to improve your Portuguese while you chat about your theories for the next season or favorite ships in your favorite show, give our Live Coaching program a shot!

You can download our app and sign up for Live Coaching right here

Why and how you can learn Portuguese with Netflix movies

As we’ve mentioned, Portuguese movies on Netflix can be a fantastic way to supplement and improve your Portuguese. 

First off, it’s a fun and engaging tool full of exciting films and series of different genres. 

Second, original and dubbed content provides native-level pronunciation of formal and informal speech, including idioms and modern expressions. 

Third, subtitles can help you navigate the audio better and discover new words and phrases. They can be great aids when audio-only is a bit too overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out. 

With all that being said, there are some hints to consider when using Netflix to learn Portuguese. 

Use subtitles wisely

When you’re a beginner-level learner, English subtitles are nice. They give you a chance to watch Portuguese content and actually understand what’s happening. 

However, you should wean yourself off them as early on as possible. Use English subtitles only at the start, and turn them off as soon as you’re confident enough in your Portuguese listening skills. Later, turn them off entirely or switch to Portuguese subtitles. 

In other words, don’t grow dependent on subtitles!

Read the synopsis if you’re a beginner

If you’re starting out, synopses are your best friend. Originally, they are there to give you a quick overview of what you’re about to watch or are thinking of watching. 

For language learners, especially beginners, a movie synopsis is a most-welcomed context that helps them get their bearings before they press play.

Have fun!

Don’t forget about the fun! Consuming media in your target language is a great tool for language learners for many reasons, but the main one is that it’s super fun.

So, avoid getting too worked up about every word, sound, and sentence mentioned in the movie and actually enjoy what you’re watching. After all, learning a new language should be a joy.

Supplement with other resources

We’ve already established that Netflix is a great supplement to your language learning. However, it shouldn’t be your only tool. 

Use other resources like books, courses, and apps to learn Portuguese as well. Our article on How To Learn Portuguese is chock-full of tips and resources you can tap into when you’re not sitting on your couch and watching Netflix. 

Benefits of watching
Portuguese movies on Netflix

Pause and rewind

One of the best things about Netflix as a language tool is that you can go back and listen to every line of dialogue. 

Did you miss something the bad guy said? Did you really like a phrase spoken by the main character? Pause and rewind!

Many genres

From horror to rom-cons, there’s something on Netflix for everyone. Regardless of what you’re into, Portuguese movies on Netflix really run the gamut when it comes to genre.

So, fret not! There’s something in there you’re bound to enjoy.

Learn with others

Unlike working your way through a language textbook, you can watch Netflix with friends and family. Even if the movie is in English, you can always turn Portuguese subtitles on and practice that way. 

Netflix and chill? How about Netflix and language learning?

Idioms and slang

Luckily, most Netflix movies and shows (at least the good ones) don’t sound like exercises from a grammar book. Instead, dialogues sound exactly like how native speakers talk. 

This is great news for you. This way, you’ll learn idioms, slang, and modern colloquial expressions in Portuguese. In other words, you’ll become familiar with how the language is actually spoken in everyday situations.

Cultural immersion

Lastly, an often overlooked benefit of learning Portuguese with Netflix is the cultural immersion it provides. Netflix content, especially when it’s less sci-fi and more inspired by real life, provides learners with the cultural nuances surrounding the language. It helps you familiarize yourself with the people, communities, and countries that speak it. 


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Procrastination? Did you mean language learning?
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Top 6 Portuguese movies on Netflix to watch right now

1. Amor.com

Famous fashion blogger meets video game blogger, and their romance goes viral. Cute, right? Unfortunately, sometimes virtual life is hard to separate from real life. 

Year of release: 2017
Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes

IMDB score: 6/10

Learning points: Brazilian lifestyle, romance phrases, jokes


2. Afonso Padilha – alma de pobre

Comedy sensation Afonso Padilha jokes his way through his humble upbringing in Brazil. Jumping from one funny anecdote to another, Afonso retells his heartfelt story, warts and all, underscoring the value and role his family had in all of it. 

Year of release: 2020
Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1 hour 3 minutes

IMDB score: 7/10

Learning points: Brazilian family values, jokes, slang and idioms


3. A ultima floresta (The last forest)

This documentary-style film tells the story of the Yanomami, indigenous people living deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. Through the eyes of its tribespeople, the film narrates the Yanomami’s struggle to live and preserve their home. 

Year of release: 2021
Genre: Documentary with sequences of fiction

Runtime: 1 hour 16 minutes

IMDB score: 7.4/10

Learning points: Indigenous cultures of Brazil, contemporary environmental and political issues in Brazil


4. Pelé

Pelé is one of the most significant soccer players of all time. This film tells the meteoric rise of this Brazilian icon on the backdrop of the country’s birth and struggles as an emerging democratic country.

Year of release: 2021
Genre: Documentary 

Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes

IMDB score: 7/10

Learning points: Brazilian culture, different dialects and accents of Brazil, history of Brazil


5. Confissões de uma garota excluída (Confessions of an excluded girl)

Smart and eccentric Tetê is trying her best to fit in at her new school. Unfortunately, the most popular girl is her bully. Luckily for Tetê, her friends might be able to finally help her break out of her shell. 

Year of release: 2021
Genre: Comedy 

Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes

IMDB score: 5.3/10

Learning points: Jokes, Brazilian youth, slang and idioms,


6. Emicida: AmarElo – É tudo para ontem (Emicida: AmarElo – It’s all for yesterday)

Brazilian superstar Emcida takes the viewer through the meaning and focus of his decade-long musical career, through the lens of one of his shows in the Theatro Municipal do São Paulo. 

Year of release: 2020
Genre: Documentary 

Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes

IMDB score: 8.5/10

Learning points: Brazilian history, black culture in Brazil, poetic lyrics


That’s it for today! We hope you enjoy this article and our Netflix picks!

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