4 Amazing Time Management Tools Every Language Learner Should Know About 

For everyone learning a new language, time management can be a huge issue. That’s why we’re bringing you 4 great time management tools every language learner should know about.

To-do lists

Regardless of your language learning goals, tackling a new language can feel overwhelming at first: there are new sounds to learn, different grammar rules, and lots of great tools you can use.

To-do lists continue to be one of the most popular time management tools for their simplicity and ability to break down complex tasks. For example, instead of learning 100 new words in one go, take away some of the pressure and set a to-do list of 5 words a day.

 To-do lists are also great if you:

  • Get overwhelmed by large endeavors
  • Lose track of daily tasks
  • Enjoy ticking things off lists



Tick off those to-do items! 
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The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is one of those time management tools that excels because of its simplicity: you shift between 25-minute sessions of focused work – also called Pomodoros – and short 5-minute breaks. Every 4 Pomodoros, you take a longer 15-minute break. This helps you work sustainably and avoid mental fatigue. 

This is one of the best time management tools for students because it’s so cheap. All you need is a timer – like your smartphone’s – to record Pomodoros and breaks. For language learners, the Pomodoro Technique helps create focused work sessions for tasks like making language flashcards, which are more effective if they’re receiving your full attention. 

The Pomodoro Technique is great if you:

  • Work best in short bursts of time
  • Get mentally tired if you work for too long
  • Enjoy gamifying your tasks

Tick-tock, tick-tock!
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Distraction-blocking softwares

You’re reading a great book on language learning when a sudden question takes over you: “Who invented peanut butter?” Before you know it, you’re 30 videos in a Youtube rabbit hole.

Sometimes, knowing how to stop wasting time is not a matter of will, but about removing the things you can waste time on. Distraction-blocking softwares are time management tools that wall off pesky online distractions like Facebook for a limited time to help you focus.

Distraction-blocking softwares are great if you:

  • Get distracted easily 
  • Lack the self-control to avoid distractions
  • Can combine them with other time management tools

Don’t look!
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Getting a 100-day streak in our Fluent Forever app is no small feat. The secret is to remember to do it every day. Sometimes, however, things come up and we forget. 

Time-boxing trains you to assign specific hours of a day to a task, and finish said task within the time assigned. Say you want to commit to finishing 4 tasks in your Fluent Forever app every day. Here’s how time-boxing helps:

  • You block 30 minutes every morning at 9am to use your app 
  • You work on your tasks, without distractions, during those 30 minutes or until time runs out
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Before you know it, you’ve developed a habit

Time-boxing is one of the best time management tools for employees and people whose schedules suddenly fill up. 

Time-boxing is also great if you:

  • Work well with deadlines
  • Enjoy gamifying your tasks

Prioritize your new language

The bottom line is that learning a new language takes time and everyone’s journey is different. The best you can do is to make the time you can realistically afford and stick with what works best for you. 

Whichever path to fluency you choose, we’re here to help you get there with our Live Coaching sessions.

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