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How to Order a Beer in 11 Different Languages (Happy National Beer Day!) 

Happy National Beer Day! Interested in knowing how to order a beer in different languages? How about 11 of them? We’ll show you how!

Beer in different languages

Let’s kick things off with a tip of the hat for today’s guest star: beer.

America’s favorite alcoholic drink,1 beer has undoubtedly earned its own national day. However, odds are beer is also popular and drunk wherever you are on this planet. 

And with good reason! Beer has a magical ability to bring people together and may offer, in moderation, several health benefits too!2 And did you know that, in low doses, it could help you become slightly better when speaking a second language?3 

So here’s to beer! And, in Fluent Forever fashion, we’ll celebrate its malty goodness by showing you how to order a beer in different languages – 11 of them, to be precise. 

So let’s start! First off, here’s how you say beer in other languages:

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Language Word for Beer
Spanish cerveza [θeɾˈbeθa] (Spain) [seɾˈbesa] (Latin America)
German Bier [biːɐ̯]
French bière [bjɛʁ]
Italian birra [ˈbir.ra]
Korean 맥주 (makju) [mɛk̚t͡ɕ͈u]
Japanese ビール (biru) [bʲiːɾɯ̟ᵝ]
Russian Пиво (piva) [ˈpʲivə]
Dutch bier [biːɹ]
Hebrew (bíra) בִּירָה
Portuguese cerveja [seʁˈve.ʒɐ]
Mandarin 啤酒 (pí jiǔ) [(piži͡u]
A waiter carrying at least three jugs of beer at a festival.
Three should do it!
Image by
motointermedia from Pixabay 

How to order a beer in different languages

Alright! Now that we know how to say beer, let’s see how to order one. 

1. Spanish 

Whether it’s in a tapas bar in Barcelona or in one of Mexico City’s many cantinas, all you need to do to order a beer in Spanish is raise a hand and say Una cerveza, por favor. It means “Can I have a beer, please.”

2. German

The waitress walks towards your table during Oktoberfest and, after taking your friends’ order, she looks at you. All you need to say is für mich bitte ein Bier, or “For me a beer, please.”

If you’re sitting at the bar, you can also say Ich hätte gerne ein Bier, which means “I would like a beer” in German.

3. French

Even though wine is the drink of choice in Paris, the French still love their beer. Une bière s’il vous plaît, meaning “One beer, please,” is how you order a beer in French.

4. Italian

Ordering a beer in Italian is as easy as saying Una birra, per favore, or “One beer, please.” Do you want a stout beer? Add scura, which means “dark”, after birra.

5. Korean

맥주 주세요 (Makju juseyo), or “Please, give me a beer,” is how you order a beer in Korean. Don’t forget to try a somaek, Korea’s famous beer cocktail!

(Hint: Enjoying this article? After you learn how to order a beer in different languages, check out how to say cheers in different languages!)

6. Japanese

Even though sake is Japan’s most well-known liquor, the Japanese still like their beer. To order a beer in Japanese, all you need to do is say ビールください。( Biru kudasai), which means “A beer, please?”

7. Russian 

Пиво, пожалуйста (Pivo, pazhalusta), meaning “A beer, please”, is how you order a beer in Russian.

8. Dutch 

Officially, to order a beer in Dutch you say Een bier, alsjeblieft, or “A beer, please.” However, the Dutch will often use the diminutive biertje in this phrase.

9. Hebrew 

בירה אחת בבקשה (Bira ejar bebakasha), or “One beer, please”, is how you order a beer in Hebrew.

10. Portuguese 

If you’re at Carnival in São Paulo and feel a bit parched, locate your street vendor of choice and say Uma cerveja, por favor, or “One beer, please,” to order a beer in Portuguese.

11. Chinese 

Last but not least, 请给我一杯啤酒 (Q ǐ ng gěi w ǒ píji ǔ), or “Please give me a beer,” is how you order a beer in Chinese.

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