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Book Resources and a Scientific American Mind Article

Update 11/03/2022: This is an older post written before we launched our proprietary language app and Live Coaching program.

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Hi all! Just a quick update about a ton of new resources I’ve mostly finished in preparation for the book launch, and some news: I got an article published today in Scientific American Mind!

Check it out here: How to Teach Old Ears New Tricks

In my book, I talk about a lot of resources on my website: tutorials for Anki, guides to modifying these methods for Chinese and Japanese, a detailed list of immersion programs, etc.

I’ve been working on building those resources over the past couple of months, and I finished putting up the last page yesterday! They’re not completely done yet, and some of them may not be particularly useful without the book in hand, but they may be handy!

Here’s a list of them:

Remember, you can now download the Fluent Forever app and sign up for Live Coaching to learn a language quickly and effectively.

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