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Update 10/18/2022: This post was written around the time when the Fluent Forever app had not been developed yet. A lot has changed since!

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Video tutorials

YouTube videos are a great way to demonstrate some of these concepts – you can see exactly what I’m suggesting, hear pronunciation examples, etc. I intend to expand these videos substantially as we approach the book’s release in August.

Expect to see a giant pile of Anki tutorials, and if the Kickstarter goes as planned, a really comprehensive set of pronunciation videos. Until then, there’s plenty to see here already. Enjoy!

Pronunciation tutorials

These tutorials cover the International Phonetic Alphabet and the nitty-gritty of what every sound in every language consists of. The goal is for you to understand your native pronunciation, and what makes your target language different.

Currently available pronunciation tutorials:

English pronunciation:

French pronunciation (a.k.a., how to learn a lot of new vowels)

Anki decks:

Anki tutorials

These tutorials discuss how best to use Anki to speed up your language studies. They cover topics like installation, configuration, and what you actually do once it’s all set up.

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